Ox gallstones are the pharmaceutical raw materials have significant commercial value. Their value mainly depends on their color, size and preservation. We hope that you can take 5 minutes to read the following advices.

Gallstones Collection
The act of opening each gallbladders and check the presence of gallstones should be a routine action in your bovine-related work procedures.
When you find gallstones presence in the gallbladder, it’s advised to also check in the common bile duct and around the liver area. The bloodstains and impurities must be gently removed from the surface of the gallstones in cold water.
After that, use some soft absorbent materials to absorb the liquid on the surface of the gallstones, then waiting for airing.

Gallstones Preservation
Put the fresh gallstones in a plate, a bowl or a lipless plastic box, and store them in a dry, cool, dark and well-ventilated place, avoid the direct sunlight.
Turn the gallstones over once or twice a week, until the gallstones get well dried.
Airing, mostly will last around 2 or 3 weeks.
After that, you can keep the gallstones in a sealed and lightproof container.
Shipping Package
Before you send the ox gallstones to us, you have to ensure that the gallstones were perfectly dried and check the weight of your gallstones. The minimum quantity we accept is 100 grams.

In order to keep the ox gallstones well in transit, and maintain its commercial value, you have to prepare some materials to pack the ox gallstones, like strong containers, soft cushion materials, etc.


                Strong containers                                        Tissue                                  Cotton wool                              Bubble film

Packaging Procedures
You can just follow the following steps to pack your ox gallstones.

After you completed the packing, you can send the ox gallstones to us by your local air parcel service, DHL, Fedex, UPS, etc.