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2020, We Start Again !

As the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic has eased in the Greater China region (Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China and other countries and regions), we have begun to officially restart our ox gallstones procurement business on April 15. In the coming days, we hope to continue to work closely with trusted suppliers to open up a new chapter for our business.

Wuhan, Hold on !

During the epidemic, our ox gallstones (cow gallstones, oriental bezoar) business is still operating normally. Because some of the logistics lines or banking operations affected by the epidemic, some of the parcels or the payments were delayed. We hope our suppliers can wait for some days patiently and understand about this.

China, happy birthday! Blessing from a company specializing in ox gallstones procurement business

As a company that operates in good faith, we have been tirelessly busy with the procurement business of traditional Chinese medicine raw materials (especially for ox gallstones, cálculos biliares, calculo de vaca), providing suppliers with stable purchasing prices and providing customers with high value-added pharmaceutical products.


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